Thursday, July 29

TEA TEA TEA! (and pie)

Saturday is rolling round at a rate of knots and I must admit I can't wait! Tea, apple pie, friends and Pie Palooza's, what a great combination. Just to wet your appetite a bit - a few accessories - shot on some awesome fashion illustration from days gone by.

this is going to be a ring.

❤ hair clip

either a ring or a broach.

dilemma! to be or not to be a broach?

blue earring buttons with gold trim.

Well I hope you are at least a little bit as excited as I am!


  1. wow jess.... love love love your stuff! would love to do a project together!!! check out my blog
    x megs

  2. Hello :)

    Your stuff. Omyga. Awesome.
    One day, when I'm big, I'll buy them all.