Thursday, July 29

TEA TEA TEA! (and pie)

Saturday is rolling round at a rate of knots and I must admit I can't wait! Tea, apple pie, friends and Pie Palooza's, what a great combination. Just to wet your appetite a bit - a few accessories - shot on some awesome fashion illustration from days gone by.

this is going to be a ring.

❤ hair clip

either a ring or a broach.

dilemma! to be or not to be a broach?

blue earring buttons with gold trim.

Well I hope you are at least a little bit as excited as I am!

Thursday, July 22

Between 10 and 5 (on Thursday)

Wednesday, July 21

Tea & Pie

The first Pie Palooza sale is here, and what better way to choose something bright and buttony than with a hot cup of tea in your hand!

Hope to see you all next Saturday!

Saturday, July 17

A Madiba Day Post

As I'm writing this I've got a delicious mug of tea (and some Eet-sum-mors which are sending lonesome looks my way), this has got to best way to write a post, so I must make it mandatory that you grab a cuppa before you start reading it! :)

Sjo, so the World Cup's done and dusted; which leaves me with no more excuses I guess: more buttonbuttonbuttons! I wasn't too bad though, don't worry, I did manage to make a few new things... like these cute little hair clips and I mustn't forget the rings (super excited about these chaps). Now for some Eet-sum-mors and Madiba Day! What will you be up to?

Nautical Button Hair Clip

Floral Button Hair Clip

(specially for Madiba Day) Rainbow Button Hair Clip


Nautical Button Ring with White Button base

Blue Button Ring with White Button base

Nautical Button Ring with Wooden Button base

Yacht Button Ring with Red & White Button base

Light Blue Button Ring with White Button base

Friday, July 2

Fresh Pie (Palooza's)

Yayayayay! More Pie Palooza's! The first Pie Palooza ring has been created and is already sitting snuggly on Sperring's finger (her weekend ring she has called it). More Pie Palooza rings to follow soon, but for now guys, have a fantabulous weekend of sunshine and quarter-final soccer!

sigh, alas i had to keep this heart broach. anyone who wants it will
have to pry it off my scarf!

these chaps are interesting...

Prototype ring!!! (3 exclamations definitely needed!)

my buddy sperring has snatched the prototype - but no worries,
more are on their way.

stace reckons these look like smarties - now there's a great idea:
smartie earrings! nom nom nom!

hayley ♥'s ♥