Monday, June 21

2 Years old in Rabbit years, 24 in human ones...

Happy Birthday dear little Taryn Rabbit, hope you enjoy your clip-ons. xxx

The Most Awesomest and Excitingest News So Far!

Well if you haven't gathered from the title of this post, something great happened. As of this past Friday Pie Palooza's are available at Ebony (awesome shops featuring South African creativity). Here is their site Whoo hoo, very exciting! You also may be wondering what on earth that wonderfully interesting couch-thing in the background is? It's a Suitcase Chair of course! My cleverclever house-mate Katie makes them. She does some genius things with old unused objects and turns them into rad new things: go check her stuff out. Cool guys, well watch this space, looks like Pie Palooza's are on the move!
Have a lovely rainy Monday xx

Thursday, June 10

You may wanna grab a cuppa tea for this one...

I suggest that you go grab a quick cuppa or make a pit-stop before having a look at what I've been up to, cause boy have I been busy! If you guys fancy a pair just give me a shout and we can do a cash-earring barter ;) lots of love till later <3

My friend Rabbit would appreciate these as they are clip-ons;
perfect for those of you without pierced ears. :)

hmmm, I've decided that if there were button earrings I would eat - it would be these ones!
They just look like candy, nom nom nom!

This pair reminds me of a scotty-dog :)

Still loving the nauticals <3

Daren at work took the above two for his sister and girlfriend <3

Wednesday, June 2


As I promised, some of the loot from the other evening. :)